Gorkov questioned about Trump/Kushner by NBC reporter, Simmons…

“I’m here to talk about blockchain”
No. Please get these people out of throwing around the term blockchain.
Blockchain technology will help trust.
These people will not.
Keep this group out of any build of the blockchain technologies. Because something tells me it won’t really be blockchain technology. – at Hyvquarters

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1 in 4 malls will close in the next 5 years. Restaurants, shops, shoe stores, kiosks…
This doesn’t even address the bigger threat to free standing stores.
(Trump and republicans are pouring gasoline on this.)
Everyone needs to understand cubic. Not just film and tv. Cubic media… not just VR, AR, MR etc are just a form of presence. Everyone needs to rethink communication and pervasive ubiquitous media in their purpose and delivery of purpose.

Best thing retailers, products and services should be doing is not understanding one of these individual gimmicks but the real platform they form at their convergence. “Clocks”, “frames/hyvmaps” & “layers” should be in everyone’s lexicon every day sooner rather than later.
Everything we do will be inside the form of a storycube. Web³

All the content we are producing is built to converge with everyone else’s storycubes organically/unobtrusively.

http://www.businessinsider.com/a-quarter-of-shopping-malls-will-close-according-to-credit-suisse-2017-5 – at Downeaster Train

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