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In 2007 I wrote a piece about Amazon & Apple should/would build original content because it would build a retail expansion off of it. ..& it should focus on a home-hub architecture and interface with media where GameDev was heading toward TV/Film.

The senior execs read much of what I was writing. …(I got that first call from Steve [Jobs ] about that time too) …cut to today.
Also stated that Marvel’s universe would take over much of the industry because of an ability to converge serial story with cinematic events.

They still haven’t gotten a handle on cubic, storycubes and Hyv integration/extraction production & development but… – at Amtrak Downeaster

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If anyone didn’t read from T B-L yesterday… why 2-is being rebuilt as a distributed ledger format with a new “proof of license” model for cubic media/Web³ was taken on 3 years ago.
Decentralization adoption and multi-pipe delivery and sync will allow collaborative content creation to debase social as the central controlling platform. – at Hyvquarters

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