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Blockstack testing starts tomorrow so anyone who hasn’t submitted their element or gotten their blockstack id… do so before that. (Reminder I am dl.id) – at Hyvquarters

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Cc @jeffbezos @werner @ajassy The truth is 10 years from now there is only really one company that could spur a new model of the web and a burgeoning market of competition and ideas (and independent media) as we go Cubic. 1 that will open competition for most of our economy and ideas.
And it’s antithetical to what everyone thinks.
It’s Amazon.
For a number of reasons as we watch the web move to Cubic, ubiquitous, organic and pervasive. – at Hyvquarters

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FYI … when I started working on Cubic media and integrating retail organically into layers and immersive variants of media and why I have taken the slow/steady road patiently… I knew the Hyv model would be the model eventually that would be the model that will be standard.

The issues the industry and the web are about to face …almost all resolved by the concepts behind what has driven me to starve and struggle for the last 15 years banking on the time the web would be able to handle this architecture.

A much longer road than I thought it would be but… That time is well-nigh.

And nobody understands it as well as us …or has built what we have in narrative and production/content/Systems.

http://www.tubefilter.com/2017/11/14/ott-price-war-disney/ – at Hyvquarters

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A basic principle on the 9 layers (8 layers of the “outside) in #thecamp …what we sense vs. what we don’t sense. And how Demi-layers work vs. full separate universes (including the 4 main … and the additional hyperlayer parallel universe’s )

The conversation on how Storycubes intersect (and hypermedia/narratives/games/iot) and how parallel universe’s in #thecamp work starts with understanding light vs. mass.
And contextual vs. virtual existence.

http://www.desy.de/user/projects/Physics/Relativity/SR/light_mass.html – at Hyvquarters

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