There are hundreds of tentpole movies in the pipeline. Event films. Costing billions of dollars from the industry…
if the numbers are true (& this weekend and this year show it probably is)… and there is only room for 5-7 of these a year…

The industry has a bottleneck and tragic implosion of money/revenues coming like we have not seen.

Unless someone is standing there with a new model. One that makes sure audience trust is always penultimate. Changes the revenue $$$ model from ‘limit’ to ‘spread’ and has internarrative collaboration for marketing flow.

Hmmm. Wonder who that would be.

Fuck the machine.
Break the machine.
Be ready to pick up the pieces and people when it breaks.

#hyv – at Hyvquarters

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He is right …if they focus on pervasive use.

2-is + Fog compartmentalizations
is the gate that changes that.

& all AR/VR/MR need to focus on contextual, obtrusive use and light meter layering (a la… Dr. Land’s polarized lens patents which are trade secrets due to lawsuits in the 1980’s… which means ..someone still owns those rights). – at Hyvquarters

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