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Cubic pervasive ubiquity. Web³
I wrote several papers in 2005-2007 on how we would need a new grammar and production systems for what was coming..
And that has made all the difference in my life.

Almost there.
& in those 10 years since…
We have built a hidden stable of more of that content/cubic media created, filmed, invented, layered and tested… than, well, …anyone.
Built in cubic layers. Storycubes.
The Web³- Cubic pervasive ubiquity. Web³ is almost at a level to deliver it.
We have been the proverbial tortoise but training at speed in the shadows and garages while we build. – at Hyvquarters

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One of the lectures I give for Storycube Hyv builders about insight into how we are approaching/need to approach cubic media and Hyv layering, AR, multi-pipe sync, layering browser, interoperability of layers and ‘branes’ /portkeys, interface portal layering etc…
Includes this video of Bernstein explaining dimension in music. Cubic media creates a new dimension in how we broadcast a message,the shape of the channel, and how that message is received. It is not just about technical architecture but emotional, appetite and utility architecture that glues and drives it’s shape and flow.

As Bernstein discusses the architectural changes in music… we are entering that type of paradigm shift and architectural change in story, communication and media now.
VR, AR, MR, hypermedia, streaming, social, tweeting, etc… as I say often, are the recently invented bicycle and a kite… or a wheel, a steam engine and a boat, or an axel, a flattened wider brick road, a horse and a combustion engine…
but what will dominate the future is when those things converge into an airplane, a ship or a car.
Cubic media, a storycube rather than a storyline… and Hyv layers. A cubic pervasive ubiquitous web Web³ will feel like what came out of the changes in Bernstein’s piece about musical history, but on an exponentially larger change on humanity.
It is in the art of these advancement’s assimilation and convergence the future lies, the emotional baking of the chemistry of how they will mi, converge.
Where the storycube is the platform and what we call platforms now will be the riders and drivers on the platform.
It is why in the end good, emotionally sound, truthful content will be king. It is in the level of art out of artisanship of complex, collaborative media/content that will decide what is king.
But it will be cubic in architecture.
Even when it remains flat, or in a layback audience form with no active UI or UX it must understand it’s emotion, appetite, utility architecture… or perhaps it’s ethos, pathos and logos,
Of it’s cubic interoperability, access, design, flow, density points and simple internal operability when the media can now be touched, drilled, extracted, dissected, autonomous and magnetic. Layering and welding this/these.

Cubic media means we do much more than go from painting to sculpture. – at Phillips Exeter Academy

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