Notice the push notifications logo in the corner. The future is about “e-cosystems” led by the home hub. Mobile as this phone system will be secondary to the ghost that follows you in the machine.
Patiently I have been preaching this to Hyvers for 8+ years as they were learning to build storycubes rather than storylines.
The ghost is centrally in your home and follows you as a sherpa… but your best “helms” will be your central comm/media spaces. That’s home and office.
Malls and theaters will be reinvented with this … where storycube design and MESH / GEO-fencing and layers of contextual AI (not the AR & VR patents that Snap,Goog & FB are chasing to close gardens but 2is & Hyv layers/mapping type open technologies)…
The future is about the cubic platform with points of data/interface density.
That’s what we have been building for for over a decade.
Web³ …Almost there for us at the Storycube Hyv.

Now if Trump & the GOP can get out of the way… life can get better again. – at Hyvquarters

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