Bcz it’s about convergence not VR separated. Most MR, XR, AR, VR, Transmedia experts.. aren’t. The future is about cubic media> all the previous (above) convergence and interoperability. As much as a layback traditional narrative storyline needs to exist in the media… we must build storycubes with storylines within them. We must understand layering, isolations, narrative points of density, clocks and frames… & understand hardware is only contextually viable… storycubes are not.

& the platform is the storycube. (& the revenue value lies in the inception of the emotional, appetite and utility architecture/ ‘virtual real estate’ (at it’s inception for control of first in first out retail integration & licensing contracts)

I know this deal better than almost anyone…
..& I still don’t sell myself asanexpert (outside this posting right now)

https://blogs.wsj.com/moneybeat/2017/05/19/real-disinterest-in-virtual-reality/ – at Colcord Pond

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