There are efficiency and structural reasons our China, India, etc calls need to happen in their own bubbles.
The world is a mess and as much weight as big companies bring… they play football while what is needed is surgery.

We’ll get this done, correctly and structurally sound. Focused and not distracted by parties with agendas that confuse the purpose of the central cube.
Remember building a storycube with porous membranes is about the architecture/DNA of a seed that grows.
We have to understand the tree/universe generally but knowing it has to grow outside a mold in the form and health it needs… without obstruction or toxicity but so it won’t strangle itself or never germinate because of outside agendas of parties who only deal in lumber of that tree/universe.
Each party must be selective, simple and purposeful in choosing their parameters and their farming/forestry.

That gets difficult when the shadow of reputation from behemoths and others are in a room. Ancillary priorities obfuscate the design. – at Hyvquarters

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