Watch this and imagine what will happen when the bundling and unbundling happen within the actual content.
That is what cubic and Hyv means.
That is why I have to get this right. That is why no matter what it looks like… what we have been building behind the curtain for 15years…
Is the most worthy endeavor anyone has every seen.
Truly.. truly… believe that.
Storycube architecture and convergence turns the models on there heads but the feeds the need and the concept of “the only money to be made is in bundling and unbundling” up to ten but shifts it almost wholly to/for the actual content creators control.
There are reasons I focused on this 15 years ago when I left NBC & Spelling. Cubic media and layering/converging AR VR MR Hypermedia and traditional with IoT and AI is about bundling and unbundling in the actual content. – at Hyvquarters

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