As I said.., & a bunch of moron Trump supporters blathered on because they don’t get arcs… the 24hrs after the election wasn’t important that it moderately dropped and recovered.
As I stated as it was precipitously imploding on the day of the election… it didn’t matter that it rise afterward..
it is about the range of the speed and depth of the drop and recovery.

The stock market’s stability is about stability. If a black swan happens do the market’s trust Trump. They undoubtedly would invest in a ‘business guy” like Hoover after the first unstable day. (As I said the day of the election)..
The problem always is and has been the precipice and speed of that drop the day of the election.
Most big investors are counting on being able to play the front end of the climb based on Trump promising massive things that are false. After he is elected he will be hit by hurdles.. if he whiffs or falls the range means he can take the whole country’s markets down with him quickly and deeply. So deep and so fast…
Making Hoover look prepared and qualified.
& Right now he is completely playing the Hoover playbook before the collapse already. – at Hyvquarters

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