@nickbilton pretty much sums up the challenge I faced for a decade now as some tech and film elite would say you need to sign NOW or you need to release something NOW, those who needed me to let something fly even if I knew it wasn’t ready because the channel wasn’t.. …because they were caught up in the addiction of hype and immediate gratification. We need to get cubic right… On Day 1.
Too many don’t care about precedent or ramifications of architecture/getting it wrong ethically.
I will do this right.
We will do this right.
For everybody, not just the junkies that need immediate gratification.
Precedent matters. The fast pace of building on those precedents that you can’t fix… Matters.
(The lesson of having garnered great success before I was out of my 20’s and setting myself on the path for an even bigger life meaning/value/success. Fix, reinvent… Elevate the medium and the people. No matter how much resistance you face.
Do it right.)
http://www.vanityfair.com/news/2016/12/silicon-valley-meets-donald-trump – at Hyvquarters

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