For everything I do, my physical fitness is the thing I get asked about once a day.
Yes, I get asked often… yeah, I’m 46.

Everybody has injuries, excuses… everyone has chaotic schedules. E.v.e.r.y.o.n.e. ( I had a call at 3am this morning and presently am listening in to PFX session, after that GE, Reebok, Netflix, Lawyers, have to clean bathrooms, take care of another bank call, walk the dogs, do the laundry, and reorganize office for the new team (& that’s all the stuff not on a wish list) & I will get to the gym just as I will brush my teeth, get dressed and shower… and I will sweat.
‪I get asked (often) so.. is the first ..& biggest secret…
Everyone has injuries. Everyone has pains.
EVERYONE is busy.
Everyone has a brain that can convince themselves, they just want the buttered pasta, just to eat meat and bread and not eat vegetables, or to eat a massive pile instead of slowing their voracious inhaling where they should just be taking small portions and waiting between shoveling more..
Secret is recognizing priority.
It’s easier when you have enough discipline to break that wall to enjoy/yearn for indulging in sweating more than sitting on a couch. ‬ To yearn for food as fuel instead of some emotional reward.
& That even when you fall off the horse you learn to get beyond that same wall.
That is how in your mid 40’s you get prepared to be able to do the same activities in your 80’s.
So when I get asked I say prioritize your health. The rest of life seems a 1000x better when you stand on top of that. – at Hyvquarters

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