The reason this election is so scary is that we sit upon a quiet ocean after 8 years ago we watched the giant shark of stupidity of our country vote for Bush Jr and Cheney twice. As it swam away leaving us named. Little babies stuck around in congress as we fought to rebuild and all those little GOP sharks insisted on being a wall biting us to slow rebuilding the boat.
Last year a giant diesel fin popped up on the horizon as Trump and his third model wife came down an escalator and he got cut off from the official photo of the first republican primary because it was just thought it would be obscene for the country to be THAT. Stupid to elect him.

Suddenly he showed up with his racist bullshit and his grabbing pussies, his undisclosed tax returns, his closeness with Putin, his disastrous promises on Econ… America’s stupidity has grown… exponentially on the right…
..and now the day before the election amidst warping of facts by Comey, Giuliani, and Christie this week… has disappeared below the boat.
The question is… Is this the moment Quint dies and finally sinks our national boat…
..or is this the moment the American people kill the giant right wing, non-science, non-grace-enabled, non-Econ, militant fear mongering stupidity shark with an oxygen tank and an explosion heard round the world. – at Hyvquarters

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