The biggest challenge to getting in shape is not that it’s hard physically, but the thin layer of depression that acts like a net before and during that can keep you from going. When you decide you need to train what you need to do first is realize that that is your enemy on the other side of the room.
When you say you don’t have time.
When you don’t say it and you say time got away from you.
When you walk in the gym and feel… meh… that is the ghost of depression trying to sink you, trying to win, trying to keep you from what you deserve.
Better odds at a longer life, a fuller life, the reward of endorphins, the reward of finishing the race, from hiking that mountain, from playing that game.
When you are on the treadmill and you go 15 and then say ‘meh’ that was enough.. I did enough when inside deep somewhere you know you should do an hour.
When you say you have to leave because dinner is more important or your not into it… that is the depression winning.
Don’t let the depression win.
Fight back by doing what you don’t want to.
By not doing what the depression tells you you need.
You see depression may not go away by working out ..but it thrives when you sit on a couch, when you spend days wrapped up in just consuming and not putting electricity and sweat and effort out.
So …if you decide ‘to train’ and get healthier… realize that is what you mean by training.
You are going to fuck up that depression, shred that cloud, that light curtain in front of you..
That net that pulls you back because it needs you to not get better.
It needs you to be worse so it can suck you dry.
When you decide to fight back and train … that means you are fighting that invisible black shithead cloud film that pulls you in, down and back.
Click that in your head when you decide and keep that idea with you every moment on that road.
You’ll win if you understand that never goes away but you’ll get better at fighting that fucker every time you can have that revelation and beat that shitty opponent when it tries to stand in front of you. – at Planet Fitness

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