“That’s not how it’s done.”
“Let me tell you how it’s done…”
“That guy is crazy…”
“_________ made a face of angry condescension after you left the room”
“I’m sorry we’re looking at less risk.”
Person hands me legal paper mid meeting “This needs to be signed for us to continue” … Non-disclosure. Non-compete. Or Release of right to legal recourse. sign it & meeting ends within 10 minutes.
“Sure. Sounds great.” A contract comes that is pages long nothing like the discussion.
“It’s not done that way.”
“Cool but Nobody wants AR … It’s a hokey geek thing”
“We need you to cease and desist” Me “Why?” … “We are going in a different direction”
You run for something.
You audition for something.
You build something.
You give years of your life.

If you are exceptional… You still may have these things in your life.
I am lucky to know the mountains as well as the valleys.
When you were/are in the valley people won’t recognize your ability to have been climbing bigger and bigger mountains.
When you are at the top of the mountain people won’t remember that they didn’t recognize it when you were in the valley.
Both those that did and those that didn’t …I always remember.
Little talk for students on Academy Day. šŸ˜œ – at Phillips Exeter Academy

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