With this new plan/agreement not only does every location now HAVE to be additionally recorded in 360° but all items most be filmed for 3-D & actors need one 3-D capture for every scene. All loaded into the Hyv. We have 6 “Castle Locations” all free for the entire duration of filming. All because of integrated retail and AR portkeys.

As Geo stood shaking under the claw of Calvon. There was a deafening silence.

A modern Prometheus. I think we should set both gentleman an extra seat at dinner.

Well after last evening’s discussion of Milton and Coleridge… This should perhaps entertain us as well. I do think I should examine the gentleman.

Of course sir. M’lady I hope you will pardon me. I can not accept your invitation. They are still looking for the other perpetrators. I would feel remiss if I did not join the men.

Of course.
(Looking at GEO)
Does he speak?

I’m not sure m’lady. He grunts an awful lot.

– ☾Δμ♇ Episode 6 “The Doctor”

Locations make it so much easier to understand the camera movement. – at Hyvquarters

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