My longest run in months… Wrapping a circuit. Shooting at aquarium and in the tank ocean study lab. (Turing in the tank with all the tubes ). – at Planet Fitness

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Shaving and heading back into the hairpiece this week. (Doing all the scenes we can get done ahead of time so Turing stuff that connects with “Math” gets done. Including tank stuff at Oceanopgraphic Lab) A bit muscular right now because of the rest of Vox stuff but.. Not going to be easier later. – at Hyvquarters

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This election is inane. I can imagine now the stories that so many have written of Sunderland in the 1930’s. How emotion and miseducation allowed bad political figures to rise. From fake quotes about George Washington and guns to a bigoted despot who makes crap up every freakin’ day and his “followers”& the party he represents/leads follows him.

Crazy. Inane. Where character is an elision. – at Hyvquarters

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One of the highlights of my life. He was my customer when I was 22 until 24 when I managed Tower Video and Classical annex on Sunset during these years. He would come down with a few different people driving him to just peruse and sometimes rent. I think he came down mostly just to talk about film to young kids who had dreams just like he had tbh. – at Hyvquarters

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