Conversation this morning.
The NDA’s have to cover all these other gigs because they are all overlapping integrated with ☾Δμ♇ in Web³.
-Well… Instagram has lost all the other photographs and any tracking of there extension hyperlink/Hyvmap trail.
-how many is that ?
-photographs ? 2-5,000
-hyperlink extensions leading back to those photographs? Multiple 100’s of 1,000’s.
…& none of that includes game devs integrating our material.
We used Instagram to seed so we could control but now the @DL extension being hacked on their platform results in being sent to a man shouting something in Farsi that criminally hacked into Instagram and changed all our passwords and email.
And to date (10 days later) Instagram and Facebook has not responded to hundreds of requests to fix. Including notification through official channels, DM’s, emails and phone calls.
Lawyer > “ugly”
Me…Not on our side outside of these highly restrictive NDA requirements that reach into other projects because no one understands how cubic media works yet. It’s that new. – at Phillips Exeter Academy

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