I am fairly positive, as I sit here on the phone explaining to another exec at Reebok (after CEO’s at Kimpton and Hasbro earlier) that the reason the hyperlink tests in the AR to Instagram test isn’t working because Instagram has not resolved our/my hacked account (through no fault of ours) in 5 days. Nothing, no response, no feedback, no correction to resolve an account that is clearly mine that was hacked 10minutes before I notified Instagram. I am sure of one thing, I can’t imagine Mark knows how bad this response is under his brand/company. For an account in 2016 to be hacked like this one was and not be resolved in 48 hours seems… Crazy. Especially an account with as much proof that is mine/ours as @dl is. (Never mind how many execs that work with the company actually know me). From Marriott to Amazon, from Reebok to Under Armour the CEO’s & CTO’s & C-everything else are watching saying …”wtf?” How can this still be unresolved?
…an account that they have record of someone trying to reset the password several times a day every day for a year or more … & an account that I pushed everyone I have spoken with there to implement 2-step verification with. That when they hacked it last year they agreed this wasn’t my/our doing.

I don’t know of any company that is this disastrous in fixing a hacked account… In a time that we can’t have that. This delay has hurt us. I am working on changing the few 100,000’s of extended hyperlinks attached to thousands of photos and videos… ..but that is an almost impossible feat for a hack that they should have been able to fix when I notified them, or DM’d some of the execs just by googling the account and looking at the pictures that had been uploaded and erased.

I wonder how many people face this with less known accounts. I wonder how many brands would handle seeing an account switch like the one on @dl… Which is a cultural jump between what our partners’ partners were expecting and what they get with what this hacker did. Bad… ..all around. – at Phillips Exeter Academy

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