The biggest mistake film and television industry is making right now is the word “or”… Not is VR the future or “AR” or traditional the future? it is not an “or”…but an ‘and’on every single project. Every piece of media should be boarding, planning, budgeting and texting for a mix of all of these in the right pattern/architecture for each. It is not advertising/integrated retail or membership streaming but being open to all of it that will preserve trust and give audiences what they want. It’s not “or” but “and”… Complex collaborative Media must always be made “cubicly” now and that includes every gate and dimension to experience. These things must be planned and designed at inception because the narrative needs to understand that in flow. Everything is cubic now…so plan that people can layer, reach in, pull out and add e tension to the cubic nature now. That means all types of cameras should be on the table for every scene. – at Hyvquarters

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