Anyone who has scene my office when all the strings, maps, script pages and screen captures are all out …or has just read the first 12 scripts (some 250 pages long) of ☾Δμ♇
Knows this will echo familiar. Only ☾Δμ♇
Is bigger …the media extends out cubicly. & anyone who tells you VR can’t have traditional storylines probably has not spent enough time working with actors and narratives in those worlds. VR will not be successful at feature and television as a stand alone device for scripted until it can direct/guide you in an ‘I hokey’ way and it is interoperable and layered with AR and traditional flat screen… Which is coming… Along with mixed reality. Combine that with narratives like Game of Thrones & ☾Δμ♇ and …well the future of media and the web’s best revenue and immersion/art models will have arrived. – at Hyvquarters

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