If I had a dime for every time some exec got on one of these conference calls and said almost the exact same words that Jon Rosenberg and Kim Malone (Scott) asked me 12 years ago as they were about to launch video search… (Back then they were smart questions) & I have to re-explain 12 years of research, filming and experimenting …& everything we learned on the sum of the parts with virtual reality, osmosis,layering, IoT, browser vs. app, OTT vs mesh, geo-fencing parts of hybrid cloud architecture… Etc etc… For an hour…
I unfortunately sometimes start to tear-up because my head and heart is exhausted from corporate ladder or the dated crazy generalized theory that the tech dev culture is the smartest culture about every other thing because they knew the web before the paradigm shift.
There is a difference between a great mechanic and a great driver. Neither may be great at the other… Especially when they barely ever do the others job. But mechanics often trash the driver and drivers too often ignore the mechanic.
At the Hyv I push for everyone to get a taste of numerous jobs so they can have empathy and insight.

Sadly corporate structures tend to not ever have that… In fact like when ill-rounded hubris gets on the phone …it kills comprehensive understanding of a converged production.

#itsonlymonday #andoveralumni – at Phillips Academy Andover

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