I the discussions with licensing and contracts this week the cornerstone of discussion is in the osmosis between storycubes and of the 4th wall. How a character, a location, an ‘Easter egg” or narrative ‘portkey’ can carry you across narrative experiences. About the change of the economic platform of media/film/tv from an object to a platform. How going from flat to cubic …linear to cubic changes the game. Drill-able, extract-able, layerable. Took a walk with state officials to show some locational AR anchors (geo-fenced narrative ports around them) that are in some of the projects. “Constantius & Pulchera” is a project that is a 3 tiered narrative around The book C & P …and it’s discovery and the mystery of it’s author. R.L. Fowle and his brother, Daniel, are central to much of the narrative. That universe appears in ☾Δμ♇ including shooting at the family gravesite which is found in Boston Common catacombs. We place AR portkeys there almost as ghosts that both teach and entertain and draw you in. Cubic media changes everything… Media, the web, tourism, education, advertising, communication but our work focused heavily on transitio, grammar, systems, flow and the protean nature of media being cubic. #15years #hyv #ar #vr #tv #film #mixedreality #sonsofliberty #Constantiusandpulchera #thecamp #transmedia #transmediaconvergence #ui #ux #gamedev #gamedevelopment #cinema #aws #indiegamedev #interactivemedia #integratedretail #augmentedreality #virtualreality #webdev #webgl #storycube #ecommerce – at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (MHT)

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