#f82016 ..My first introduction to 360° filmmaking was actually in my first gig on a somewhat bigger film (that instigated parts of my journey) with @theMikeFiggis in Leaving Las Vegas. Mike had built a set for the rape scene with four walls as the three college kids (me being one of them) had a video camera. At one point they put up the 4th wall and they shot with he and the crew on the outside. It was an incredibly daring thing to do imho because the nature of the scene… Both for Mike and the Lisa S. I remember Mike yelling from the other side hating that he could not be there to protect his actors. Knowing that when actors don’t feel safe or that someone else is making sure that there is “a net” to catch them that someone else is spitting them …it can effect their performances. As I learned later on Pariah.
(https://medium.com/@im2b/the-day-my-face-was-broken-95db08d5efc9#.pvwihqn1t) Over the last decade I have been both actor and director and many times with cubic I am inside the story, so many practices to understand how you have a cubic scene while making sure the actors feel safe and aren’t walking through the performance without feeling safe that they can just organically react.

(& one thing about Facebook video tagging …they won’t necessarily be able to use that for products because of first in / first out placement contracts.) – at Phillips Exeter Academy – Assembly Hall

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