A Note on Lytro Cinema again. Cc: @bhorowitz @pmarca @theMikeFiggis @cooperdance @royprice When people asked me why 3-4 years ago I flipped over Lytro …this is why. (Especially with our cubic & Hyv layering) ..When they first introduced lightfield still camera tech I knew it would not be long until they pulled this off. Said to John and Ben (Horowitz) at the time when they were mentioning that they thought the technology was bigger than what might be a first glance. It will significantly change production and enable/instigate a completely different type of cubic narrative flow. ..which will now, in turn (I believe) with the convergence of AR/VR/hypermedia/IoT … Will set new design and UX for what the web will soon be with pervasive ubiquity. Our ability to produce elements, layer and submerge into the media is greatly enhanced by this. #huge I would even take the step as saying that although not as initially apparent as the iPhone or AWS … This lightfield cinema is as paradigm shifting as either of those. Cc Ted and Tom Any and all media creators should be studying this …hard. – at Hyvquarters

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