Dear people who think you are elite artists because you deride action … or superhero …or horror …or “chick flicks”, or emotional, commercially viable animated films, etc… Or just a narrative that actually cares what it’s building and how… as not artistically or cinematically worthy or intelligent… Or difficult…
All fiction is fiction. Nobility is in the skill and architecture of thought. As most who deride commercial viability are people who can’t do commercial viability. Popular and art/talent are far far far from mutually exclusive. In fact some of greatest cinema narratives… I’d even say most… We’re not derided for being too outside the mainstream when they were made but criticized for not being artistic enough. Artistic genius or incredible storytelling isn’t simplistic in just overtly telling something uncommercial… The highest achievement is telling something that inherently subversively shifts the paradigm.
P.S. … yo’re probably not as smart as you think you are. Have a good day. – at Phillips Exeter Academy – Assembly Hall

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