Pretty much how I felt today talking to companies. Sometimes you realize that when you spend a life time working on being good at something ..almost every day… You realize that the choices were yours and you actually have gotten to be “one of the best”… In 45 years I have learned every position and skill you need. I have focused on being focused on the craft. I have focused on learning when to listen and when not to. I have focused, not on relying on relationships but to be better in creating at contributing more than I take. I have learned to question when someone honors me genuinely not glibly or falsely for more compliments. I have learned I hate to teach because most teachers in the arts are 50% of the time not helping but projecting their own security of need for their own truth. From all that… When I sit in a meeting with execs from Apple or Google or Netflix or HBO or… Anyone ..I sit in the focus of my work. I am not an auteur as much as I am a protector of those who helped and pushed the work. What you see in meetings is what you get… A guy who has already lowered massive risk and invented ways for it to be safer for everyone involved who focuses on the work that it is not the job they are trying to prove. Today I felt like Charlie was sitting in my chair talking. Whatever happens… I realized I may be one of the best and one of the few doing what I do. …just like Charlie. – at Phillips Exeter Academy

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