1/3 narrative, 1/3 humanitarian, 1/3 retail. I set this standard for Hyv mapping and interface 8 years ago. I have not bent. If we have ecommerce integrated in any scene there need to exist a ratio of minimum 1:1:1 of additional interface in the frame or a balance within each scene. I am challenged on it every day but my most essential and valuable asset (and any integrated retail partners) is not just how strong the emotion, appetite and utility flow is created in a scene but overwhelmingly… That that only happens with audience trust. Audience will always rely on me to manipulate action via reaction for story first, audience’s humanity second and any fallout of that flow can safely place organic purposeful ecommerce into whatever trickles down from there. Sounds silly and undermining of the ROI at first but in the long run that has to be an ethical wall we can not cross. – at Hyvquarters

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