Here is a big challenge with writing “cubically”… No one is really used to how dense/molecularly the screenplay needs to be. I have 42 pages of notes from a development exec that literally is 99% just the misunderstandings of UI being added to the flow and not use to having to follow the interfaces as well as the layback version of the script… All of his notes are about what hyper narrative to bring into the narrative. Reasonable to change priority but we won’t know any of that until we film the layback full… Or at minimum until we are past 3rd or 4th episode. No one has learned yet how to build narrative simultaneously yet… That is what we have been working on for 10years. Storycube architecture vs. a sole storyline structure. all scenes have to have levels of meaning and subtext on levels we have never seen. #hyv #thecamp #tv #cinema #film #converged #transmedia #vr #ar #ui #ux #iot #gamedev #gameintegration #ecommerce #hybe #mixedmedia #webgl #interactivemedia – at Phillips Exeter Academy

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