Was asked on call yesterday who influenced me the most when it comes to designing “cubicly” with AR layers and for taking hypermedia vfx into virtual reality architecture. Who taught me about how to design camera frame, light and movement of organic players/actors/objects to create reaction (audience action via reaction)… My answer…The most under appreciated director IMHO… Will be pushed to the forefront. As so many filmmakers blather on about regurgitated tropes about 20-30 deserving filmmakers as we move into cubic depth of layering… The greatest contributor to that new form of cinema will be Gene Kelly. Hands down ..& most people (especially filmmakers) have no idea how much he changed how film was made. The medium itself. & all those things from his work in movement of dancers and actors toward camera to the lighting paradigm shift with color he created in “On The Town” and “an American in Paris” to how we lay animation (& now AR layers) in using the beat of rhythm/audio for sync. I reinforce once a month for filmmakers in the Hyv and GameDevs even audio engineers to go rewatch his oeuvre. No other filmmaker has a more profound effect on me as far as the basics of story and filmmaking ..and how we design a Storycube (with a close second bein @theMikeFiggis ) – at Hyvquarters

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