New Years Resolutions and the 20-30 year old Fitness Experts. 


I know it looks like an egotistical collage of selfies. I’m 45 years old. It is. But grabbed this collage of pictures because I see lots and lots of pictures of 20-something fitness experts posting motivational pics and posts about how to get fit. & I am sure most people in their 70’s, 60’s, 50’s, 40’s, and 30’s laugh/chuckle… Because yes when you are 17 it’s easier genetically, when you are 25, when you are 35… Life is not as hectic. Life has not “forced” your priorities away from staying in shape. I work 80+ hours a week on my projects. I am the guy still doing budgets, scripts, contracts, calls at 3am. Yes, I don’t have kids so you can say…well that’s a giant difference, but anyone who knows me daily will tell you I work constantly, have 120-300 people waiting on deadlines from me for the past 15 years… I still make sure that 1-2 hours a day that I would “rest”… & instead I prioritize training and remember the joy my life has from being able to lift, move, jump, throw, play, have sex, have people want me on the adventures they go on… Have my own adventures… Not feel the weight of carrying the extra stuff around… & the sheer egocentric, completely shallow, but completely awesome feeling that I look better naked at 45 than I did when I was 22. … My point is yes, we live in a country and a culture that makes you fall into indulgence and over programmed schedules that wreaks havoc on how we feel physically and psychologically. 20 and 30 something fitness experts with all good intentions don’t know the mental tax/change that comes (God knows 99% of the fitness experts I knew in my 20’s are no longer showing as fitness experts because life got to them)… But I post this again to be egotistical in saying I’m 45. Almost all these pics were taken in the last 18 months. If you want to not be a burden on yourself or your kids as you get older you will find the hour to 2 that you usually watch TV or stare at your phone… You will put down the wine/booze hounding every weekend, you will stop the sugar addiction, the bread addiction, the processed/made for you eating habits and find yourself …find life.. ..and find the mirror after the shower helps your psyche, not depresses you.  That 1-2 hours should be thought of as your fixing the ship that carries you and your family through life every day. 


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