Sometimes you are pushed to build the bridge you were nervous about building. 

19 months ago when we were hit with some big hurdles on our Turing biopic  release…  … I said I wanted to move forward on the one project that would take on the WHOLE rule book of the media industry. Taking everything I have learned from my experience in the industry at the networks and independents… And everything we have been deconstructing and reinventing with cubic and the convergence of screen and layered interface with AR, VR, hypermedia, ecommerce/retail integration, interoperability of layers and locational narrative/interface, IoT and game integration architecture. Pretty much everyone who was aware of the project shook their head. A project called “☾Δμ♇” #thecamp 19 months in and it’s been a lot of work..even more reinvention but what it is and becoming will be protean.


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