So here’s some fuzzing of the real world 4th walls… With the storycube of our project “☾Δμ♇” and our project “The Legend of Heaven”
My last name is Willson. With 2 L’s. Of the Scottish Willson Gunn clan. (I presume James is as crazy as he is partly because from that same blood line)… 😉
Two of my characters are Willson/Gunn in ☾Δμ♇
In the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast which was inspired by the old folk tale “Tam Lin” which the Velleneuve original French novel was created out of.
The camera pans up to establish Beast’s castle & in the stained glass we see the saying, ‘vincit qui se vincit’ … As/Under a facsimile of the Scottish coat of arms.
‘Vincit gui se vincit’ is the motto of the Willson (Gunn) clan.
The beast and our modern day werewolves stories are all connected.
The beast and were-folklore in several versions now seems to come from a northern Scottish legend. Home of the Norse descended Willson\Gunn clan.
We revisit those connections and stories in the cubic nature of what we are doing with the ☾Δμ♇
But more importantly it means James Gunn is probably the beast / werewolf. – at Hyvquarters

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