I can’t tell you how much this applies to the history of mistakes television and film made with “data”… Historical precedents that are being largely ignored by the present hype. Data is not a science but an art, an art that in entertainment doesn’t have great success …& often when dealing in the realm of mass emotion & appetite …completely wrong. Mass appetite and emotion have random detours and incalculable serendipity programmed in, like forecasting a single town’s exact weather accumulation for 2027 in 1920. Pervasive access ubiquity, cubic interface, consumption pattern range now makes this data examination or statistical data analysis tool that everyone says is the future almost (if not completely) worthless and more “un-cost worthy” than ever before. Tartikoff, Spelling all started to warn of this before they passed. The pervasive unreliability and down right misinformation that hurt them economically when Dara scientists got involved with content development. – at Hyvquarters

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