& It will be reinvented again. Web³

Netflix creating a new art form. 


…It will be reinvented again… Soon. It’s all about flow and ease of immersion. And someone (like our last 10years) has to do the hardwork of waiting help guide the technical/web infrastructure while we figure(d) it out. ☾Δμ♇ is/are 12 feature film length episodes a year with cubic Interface and game/retail enough to last the hype for a month minimum and go back and need to rewatch. Her Co. is 600 episodes that can be broken down into 120 episodes of 5-10 minute scenes that can be played by themselves as standalone sketches.. Or by groups of 8-10 to look something like a regular tv show. Built in partnership with clothing design sites and brand narratives for rewards …(not just some ad scam for retail). “Griest” is the same. Chad Case and Incidents create an entirely different structure. The Bedtime Gang, the Legend of Heaven and Pedal are built with a massive IoT architecture. All of these are being built with AR/VR in varying structures/lengths/cubes. & Im2b the Hyv has many many more. My purpose in life. & ALL OF THESE FEED and connect to the others. We are doing the impossible and the protean. Web³ …hard… almost impossible… But we are doing it. Yup, fairly certain I will die doing this. #purpose #45years 


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