David and the Goliath Machine

David and the Goliath machine. 
In school I ran for class president every year until the last two, & after losing so many they elected me class President. 

I got cast with no relative or relation to the industry from homelessness in my first Academy Award winning film by 24.

My first award for Theater acting at 25.

My first film I made as writer and Filmmaker at 26.

Chosen for dramatic competition at Sundance (the only film that year with no relation to the lab or Sony/Miramax etc at submission time) at 27. 

Hired by Bob Wright, Aaron Spelling, Jack Welch and Jeff Zucker at 28,29 based off a few of the hundreds of other scripts I’d edit ten while homeless in LA. 

At 30 after 9/11 …I left the machine.

From the moment I packed my dog in my car to go find myself I said I would change the machine. Too many people making careers off the opportunity for a wider industry of risk and creativity being crushed by a bad machine. Too many people buying into the power of walled tribes and individuals & their careers rather than each project itself. 
We are about to see Davy meet Goliath again in the ring… But this time Davy’s more like a werewolf and has an army of werewolves behind him. Those in the machine empire, who think they can beat the masses interconnected… Are going to lose.

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