Today hyver asked… How do you get to do what you do? To get to do what I do you have two ways… Luck or

Today hyver asked… How do you get to do what you do? To get to do what I do you have two ways… Luck or a soul-sucking, 24-7, bone-breaking, put everything you have second, life of working at it. Have an ego that can get bashed to hell while making sure you are constantly learning and that you know when you are right, with humility. & Understand that everyone you work with shouldn’t be, and isn’t held to the same standard. So you have to pick up the slack when others do not. You need to understand data, dev, editing, emotion, kinesis of human communication, bio-mechanics of both layback and UX, color, wardrobe, retail, delivery, action via reaction, licensing, payroll, frame, camera choice, casting, be great at getting things for free, unbelievable at math, turning the other cheek, always “eat last”, have the thickest skin anyone could ever ask for, understand markets and residuals with signatories, AR layering and anchors, VR depth of field, … And be able to ignore when you wreck your ribs or have your life crumbling around a phone call or your phone call crumbling within the chaos of your life ..that no one will really care enough to place theirs on hold. Get a working understanding of the limitations of hypermedia, WEBGL, CSS architecture, all the options and devices for AR & VR. Ecommerce % and markets. Variations on cloud technology. That if it is that important to you you will go homeless… and if it is that important to you, you will find a way out of it. You will never allow the highs to effect your course as neither should the lows ,even though they will. To be able to know deals are not the final door, deliverables are. Recognize the difference between enthusiasm for the project and ladder climbing (..i.e. A step to move them higher) and the difference between enthusiasm and hard work, recognize the people who are always easy, who recognize when they are asked a lot and when they are asked a little, be loyal to your own detriment but worth the trust it engenders, Be able to talk a few hundred brands into coming along for the ride. Understand the damage giving a line reading to an actor will do. Understand that directing/producing means there is no one to keep you from fucking up the budget, and therefore, everyone’s work besides you… And that no one will push the prep to make that budget work outside of you. Know that people will say you’re a crock, a whacko, full of it, they will question you, they will talk about you & still you need a regular level of luck & more thick skin… Understand that humans are humans they often try to feel better about themselves by gabbing about you, both bad and Good. Be able to pull all nighters and go without sleep for 24-72 hrs.. More often than is healthy… For periods of time.  …And then 25 years of some achievement in all the pieces of the cube. 13 years of experimenting. Quite a few years camping out in Cambridge learning dev culture and game dev culture. Inspire/con a few hundred people to bring their teams to build with you. 125+ projects in the pipeline. & Know that you banked your entire life on this from the first time you held a camera While sitting in diapers. 
So that is about my answer. 


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