“People” need to calm down about “superhero event films destroying cinema” … That’s like saying the decade focused on Westerns destroyed cinema, or odd themed teenage coming of age films destroyed cinema, or gangster films in the 30’s destroyed cinema. All cinema that is not a documentary isn’t really “grounded” in reality. Cultural sways and ranges of evolving folklore is true cinema… Even periods of infatuation with the fantastical help us to reexamine ourselves and our values. God knows a lot of those years of “reality based” films arguably have not been helping to advance our examination of ourselves or taught us how to be better to our fellow man. So experts who say animation or superheroes or aliens or borrow or action or coming of age or slapstick comedy etc etc etc…are not worth of mass attention and fervor most likely are people not stepping outside their own comfort zone of being cynical or afraid that the parameters of genius, Art & priority may not be as easy as they want it to be. Cinderella, Harry Potter, Perseus, Bambi, Dorothy, Spielberg, Mad Max, and yes WonderWoman and the Justice League are great platforms for art and genius.. And ethos, pathos and logos of self examination. Anyone arguing otherwise is not as smart as they think they are.

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