@im2b: in 2008 election, the 2 days before primaries, I cd walk to events in homes & halls within mile of my home w/90% of candidates for POTUS. Because… NH may be a pretty good looking marker for drive of elections but the fissure/apex of that balance is in the town Phillips Exeter happens to reside in. #purpletown but in the next 2 years… People who handle candidates at all these intimate townhalls are going to have tightrope to walk w/ “appearing transparent” & saying “no phones” @AppMeerkat #Meerkat I will be pushing to allow at all Seacoast events. That should be standard. Being President you are under a microscope as you should be. Running you should be as well. Having said that I have absolutely no doubt that if people had access to live streams of living rooms/small intimate gatherings (especially ones I went to) and truly off the cuff answers in 2008 Obama would have won even bigger. He was IMHO the smartest, ‘normal’, level headed guy by far in every situation when cameras weren’t running. This time candidates will have to be that. – at Colcord Pond

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