Pervasive Ubiquity

☾Δμ♇ …Storycubes are different than anything anyone has seen. 13 years ago,  I started to talk to every browser, platform, app, network, film group, game group etc that launched. 4 out of 5 allowed me in early to plan how to integrate them as we shot and designed how a cubic, immersive media would work. Patiently every week for the last decade a handful of loyal people and filmmakers and game devs built with working with us along the way. But we have built for every project to flow across apps, across projects, platforms, media, game architectures and styles, ubiquitously available across pervasive location, screen and especially across the line between virtuality and reality. I knew pretty early on (not long after walking away from NBC & Spelling) that meant it had to start at inception and that just crossing narrative across platforms (transmedia) was a bad model. The platforms & forms themselves had to cross. Scripting could not be done in a storyline, but a storycube. With new types of kinesis and flow. #bendthe4thwall #thecamp #film #tv #gamedev #transmogrifiedreality #transmedia #ar #vr #ecommerce #cinema #ux #wardrobe #americanhero #canvas #webgl #layering #storycube #hyv #reinventproduction #dodscheduling #tuis let’s hope I was right because it will empower lots of people and level the playing field for a lot more of the population to make a living.   



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