Hard for people to understand sometimes #thecamp and the rest of the projects from the Hyv etc. ..the entire infrastructure of Tu-Is and Hyv … And what a storycube is… Is huge and protean… So it is not simple for companies who have experience in one dimension in it / this to get their head around how it all works…. Or more how they can do it and stay in control of it. It is… & has been my job to deal with that. Soooo when you hear people saying stuff about how long we have been at this… You should smile and realize they are not as smart as they think they are. We’re good at this. We’re incredibly good at engaging emotion and appetite. We are learning and inventing ahead of everyone how to tell a story that people can fall into and take things out of the screen. How characters can literally in virtuality follow them home… Show up playing with them in a pool .. Where they can go in and search the universe behind the sets in the show… And how that changes kinesis of narrative, the 4th wall and immersion. (As well as the revenue model)… Every day execs are excited by what we allow them to know and see but they are also scratching their heads worried this is outside their control zone. Some are finally coming around though… Realizing… We are the future… The near future. – at Hyvquarters

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