Facebook is not created for dramatic/fictional motivation … TV/film may not always live up to it but emotional manipulation in news, journalism, non-fiction is highly frowned upon. Facebook as far as I see has no relation to fictional scripted drama. The general comparison is ridiculous outside news agencies whose/ to which standards Facebook just failed.
Anyone who says the users aren’t the clients for Facebook and the advertisers are… Should never go into that revenue model… They’ll fail. Face books clients are it’s users. The trust of those clients is what earns them money. – at Hyvquarters

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The element of ‘clocks’ and the variations on layering and 3-D … Two very big things VR/AR/hypermedia communities as a whole are missing completely. Along with interoperability, removing the curtain between them all & setting revenue precedents with cubic narrative being the cradle you lay retail into .. Not the cradle you build around it. – at Hyvquarters

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Wolves are more trustworthy than sheep who have giant appetites.

I would rather get in the ring with a wolf that lets me know he is a wolf… than a giant corporation that tries to brand itself a sheep as it tries to hide it’s hunger. I can tame a wolf that tells me it is hungry… to as much as a dog can be tamed… ..and become it’s partner. I can’t calm a wolf that is too busy lying to everyone that it is a sheep… until it gets hungry. Large corporations/organizations with executives who have a large payroll… who say they aren’t corporations but open innovation centers of the future… are wolves that will get hungry.