Designing Water: Media and Pervasive Ubiquitous Convergence

Prepping for more large scale work on what we call the “horcrux” stuff next week since 2am. Changing 4th walls with crossing elements across it and what we have been calling ‘magnetic’ interface…
There are many senses with ubiquity coming to narrative access, but all of those senses are just a surface of a cube in the new portal/”theater”.. Most can’t grasp these elements well (yet) with cubing narrative. Elemental pervasive ubiquity of media/narrative with varying organic sense “shape”, or choice, should feel organic for flow …but is not.
It must be artfully & skillfully designed and not always lead face first with a screen/or a phone.
Sometimes the narrative experience will lead/leads from technology on the person and sometimes from the location.
What we’re trying to get right now is the design of that.

A Storycube is like water, it’s flow design is the difference between drinking, swimming, getting annoyed or drowning.

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