It’s about the cube stupid… ..not “transing” anything. Media that is one, not separate.

The inherent problem with Transmedia is it’s always a gimmick.
..& without the gimmick factor it is still just weird work for the audience. It’s an inherent problem with “trans” “media”… Laborious so far. Nobody understands (or is good at) the number one & two things we have now worked years at getting better at in the Storycube Hyv Workshops… Outside the limelight, knowing attention should eventually come from the work, not the personalities or “tribing”) 1. Action via reaction & 2. Singular flow making the audience fall into interfacing, not writing structures that they need to be told to interface/action where the 4th wall is purposelessly broken < bad… < gimmick.

The new medium is a cube not a line. & worse… it isn’t just a bunch of gimmicks sewn onto the line.