My biggest influence… Walt started laying the groundwork for Disneyland in the 1940’s.  It opened in 1955… Walt did not open the park with one ride …& neither will we.


To do what comes next… You have to do what I/we am/are ..have been doing for 10yrs. It can’t be done with 1 project, 2,3, …or even 10. It can’t be done by a platform or a film festival. It can’t be done by a social network or a tribe of film makers and game devs and developers that have loyalty and focus just on their individual projects. It is only possible by an intertwined team of 60+ projects to launch. Every step effects all the others and in building an intertwined architecture takes years and years building piece by piece jumping between every single scene and location, prop, hardware, license, etc. …It takes a lion’s heart, the tenacity of the pyramids and the focus of a novel written on the head of a pin.


Storycubes create multiple viewings

Talking Chad Case today. Discussing how the Storycube creates multiple viewings. Chad Case is now 3 different films… 1 when you watch it on screen like a regular film..the layback. A totally different film when you interface. & an even different film long after that when you come into it from portkeys and horcruxes out in the real world. The concept of a Storycube has changed everything about narrative and the screen.


The schmooze decade & the damage to an industry, economy & progress. IMO

I find most ‘experts’ who change the world are quietly working away in garages. They aren’t looking to make $$$, schmooze with tribes, speak at events, become the cult of personality or sell their books. History repeatedly shows there are innovators & then people who are at microphones. Rarely are they the same. To be an expert or an innovator it takes all your time just to do what you’re innovating. The past ten years we have bought into the confusion of the cult of personality as expert because of social media self-marketing. Nothing damages an industry more than judging expertise by tribe making or marketing personality hype.