The future is owned by those who own the cubic story real estate, the skill to build it and it’s production. Hyv, Tu-Is, the Storycube and ‘intragrated’ retail. (As opposed to integrated retail).

Very happy to read (like a cheshire cat) > “Guide CEO: Minority Report TV Interactions Coming In Next Five Years” < it's actually about content/narrative architecture and who controls 'story(emotional) real estate' where retailers want to interactively sell their wares- in 2 years we (Hyv) already are prepped (lots of content) to lead …far ahead of anyone. < not to boast but the past 10years of this was all about building that. A long, slow and steady road in the face and through a lot of people who called me crazy, egotistical and a fraud… I just have been doing & sensing what I knew/know was the right path…the sun is just starting to shine on that hard road I made us choose/stay on.

Morning discussion with the Hyv Cubers > to Storycube means we…

Morning discussion online with the Hyv & Cubers > To ‘storycube’ means we build worlds; we build journeys. Not flat visions but tall ones. Long ones. Thick ones. Reactionary ones. Deep ones. Listening ones. We build worlds with their own currents, magnetism and flow. Not like a game, not like a film, not just chopped up platforms that jar you purposelessly out of the 4th wall but interface that is organic to the 4th wall and your contract for the suspension of disbelief.
That is why I/we work so hard for so long to get them all right. Unlike web technology or apps or software… We get one shot. One 1st time discovery. One birth or that contract is broken.

Retail Integration and the Coming Storycube will only work if Trust is put above data.

My hardest sell in talking to retail integration partners is the hype around data over trust and sensitivity of emotion. The only way retail integration works is that your audience trusts you #1… & the atmosphere and experience are trustable #1. Everything else about data can be thrown out the window if people aren’t comfortable and thrilled to come into a storycube. (The problem is all these sales & ‘business development VP” guys at location apps, video platform apps, hypers renaming ancillary markets & marketing as ‘transmedia’ and agencies trying to handle the disruptive paradigm shift… have now hyped and latched onto ‘data’ over trust and experience ..just like they hyped eyeballs and ‘clicks’ with banner ads when they didn’t have the foresight then to understand how destructive “annoyance” is to the people they want as customers. Like a bad pick-up line from over needy loser. ) -whining done.