This is the future> Audience as ‘actor’, therefore you need to understand an actor’s state of ‘action via reaction’ (what that means, what that feels like and what creates it), “you don’t start with ‘z'”, and the complexity of the third dimension with the inclusion of the audience pathos to continue story flow…

If a filmmaker or a group of filmmakers don’t understand the actor’s concept of ‘action via reaction’ & what drives that… (Both on a complex interaction and arrays of emotion…) They are building stories for yesterday’s screen not tomorrow’s touchable one. (Same goes for game devs and journalists)

The future of the Internet, Media & IoT is not about Z.

The most important transformation in film and television to the future is not in changing director’s abilities first… It is first & foremost in the screenplay. So many are starting at h or t or z… When it all starts before a.

If you don’t have control of script/story structure at inception you are (9x out of 10) doing interactive TV/film like a gimmick hypervideo layer.

Along those lines …Imho …this presentation (below) by Danny Hillis regarding “Plan B” …is related.  A new flow of communication, a new grammar and format for message… One that sees the audience as an actor…is inherently needing a different architecture than the present internet flow… Therefore…  Plan B. for the internet… baked into Hyv (hypervideo/hyperaudio,AR layered production and delivery systems) & Tu-Is (Convergent ‘Transmedia user interface system’). Another reason Why Hyv & Tu-Is are more of the future and matter more than people understand … The safety of hybrid, interoperable structures delivered through multiple pipes and coming from layers of sources.

RT @allthingsd: #ATDWeekInReview: “We Need a Plan B for the Internet,” Warns Internet Pioneer Danny Hillis


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