PR & Advertising/Marketing. Protecting the brand at the cost of retail access ubiquity. A self-inflating problem.

This is what I say… > ‘Virtual emotional, appetite-fulfilling, real estate barons’ that’s what we are. We own the virtual location where emotion, appetite, (and sometimes) utility gets fulfilled… The three things that drive purchase.

Ad agencies have brands buying into the public relations concepts of “protecting the brand” through spinning an image ahead of the purchase. In most situations it makes $$$$ go out the window. Image protection is the bedrock of PR .. It is in the long run a bad risk front end distraction & investment …when ubiquity is damaged by agencies getting paid lots of money to protect a brand before there is protection (or a bar outside quality of product) to protect.

The future of the idea of marketing, advertising, publicity is lower financial risk with a much wider breadth… & not being ‘protective’ of brand (outside protecting the actual production of your product) … Which really is just buzzwords of agencies being protective of their salaries when they don’t come up with something truly good. IMHO

The only protection a brand needs is to be the best product they can be. Ubiquity, customer relations & a financial focus on product excellence inoculates them from risk to image. Any spin on that=bull.



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