Finding the space.


As I finish rewriting a scene we already shot at 1am. I think about the purpose of elevating the work…
Art, for me, is about speaking with god. Whatever that word means. It is not about that place where pleasure and pain overlap, but where they touch. And that, succinctly, is the challenge and purpose for every artist. God = everything and the clearest place to see it, is getting between. There is a line in “The Angels” by the character Jan> “…[he] use to say that art is the friction between heaven and earth ” … But actually art is the space. Friction may or may not happen and may or may not be seen and felt. It is not our job to try and write, paint, sing, … the friction… It is our job to find and show the space as clearly as possible. The friction will happen depending how accurate we delivered the measure of that space.

It’s why, I think, when we create from pain.. it may be easier to find greater art because our purpose, or goal, is driven to find the space just outside of that pain. Where as, when we create from pleasure we are not inherently driven to that place in the direction of the pain.


Storycube not Transmedia …the difference between having a bicycle and then making a kite…and being the Wright Bros.

20120212-172841.jpg Again, It’s not about crossing story into new platforms (transmedia) …that has been done since Snow White premiered with synced newspaper comics. It’s about a new narrative structure that converges platforms into one contiguous flow… and flows as easy as a singular one. Story should never feel like work or have challenges, divisions or disruptions without purpose to driving the narrative. Otherwise it is all hokey gimmick marketing.

Jodi Foster’s speech. My humble opinion.

People seem to forget how literally epic and epically challenging Jodi Foster ‘s life has been. The speech wasn’t indulgent. From having death threats, breaking so many women barriers, to the controversy of President Reagan’s assassination attempt…etc etc etc. If you don’t know the scars you can create by diving into emotional performances over and over, to a public outing and the hatred that use to (still does) come at you for being gay… (& morons who minimize that) … Crazy as it was…. Her speech was a true, heartfelt, human speech of a window behind the stress of living in the direct storm of the biggest paradigm shifts of the past 5 decades.
Little disclaimer:
(In 1993 I was working at my first/second film job at Main Line Pictures after coming back from Atlanta working on their infamous “Boxing Helena” work on post-production and the legal case that was going on. .., Jodi opened Egg pictures a few months after I came back there. She opened her first Egg offices right next door to MainLine on the same floor of the DGA building. I interviewed to be (one of) her assistants. Surprise surprise this strange kid didn’t get the job… but it made me realize I was not an assistant …I was a storyteller and I risked everything and left the MainLine job …on a road that lead me on a very full, accomplished and crazy life so far. A road that continuously saw brave people like Jodi Foster fighting for a life that helped mine.