Callouses and Scars


(photo: from the film Pariah where I was beaten and had my skull fractured while filming)

If people knew how many wolves in sheep’s clothing I deal/have had to deal with in all three sector’s… “indie” film, advertising execs/new business VP’s, and start-up technology companies… they would understand why the secrecy and reservation.

Biggest lesson I had to keep re-learning that I share with many young people I work with, no matter how cynical it seems> Lots of people say they want to ‘share’ and want us to ‘share’ …people repeatedly who seem like they would never “bite your hand”…who then turn around and can easily reason/justify why screwing us was/is okay.

Happens to me very rarely anymore. I also want my life to be one where no one can ever say the same back about me.

If you ever wondered where my backbone, slow/steady pace and secrecy comes from… I earned the callouses and the scars. Most of the time, (no matter what anyone tells you about paranoia) it is true, the sheep is sometimes in a wolf’s clothing , and the wolf often is in a sheep’s.

These industries were led and built from festivals, to business practices by people who want to be kings and queens of society. Gatekeepers work to stay gatekeepers. Bridge builders work to keep people using and keeping up their bridges.

Cubic evolution. Story density and new dimension of contextual measurement.

Playing with – Audio portkeys are cool (especially when we talk about ‘horcruxes'(portkey/portal artifact in real world that opens a Storycube))… But now we are Really graphing/mapping/integrating more and more horcruxes and portkeys that are based in context, emotion, recognition of complex artifact status. (I.e. a specific # of people gathered singing the same song would open visual AR level or video layer or crying or laughter… Questions arise of complexity of recognition by sensors but these are the natural flow of where we are looking at interface & story that should be right next to things like eye movement and physical (semiotic) semantics.